Sunday, October 24, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Eight

  • Studio Project of the Week:
As you might expect from two such compulsively crafty individuals as ourselves, Halloween has always been kind-of a big deal for us. This week we spent some time glorying in our past halloween triumphs (or our moms') while we worked on this year's couture creations.

Clearly.... Just... Well, I think it's obvious that we haven't changed much.

It's a serious and grave undertaking to decide on what to be for halloween. It only gets SERIOUSER as we get older.

A good halloween costume is warm, comfortable, flattering, funny and a little scary. We took all of these elements into consideration as we pondered the very important choice of this year's costumes. With our powers of BRILLIANCE combined, we had the ultimate revelation that we should be... A SQUID AND SHARK (hammerhead).

Thumbs up for underwater predators!

See a butt(fin)load more photos of these, the only outfits we will ever wear again, on our flickr pages: Lucy's and Nora's.

  • Studio Obsession of the Week:
We recently tracked down and rented entirely undervalued and out-of-print movie, "The Legend of Billie Jean." If you have a crazy indie movie store near you, GET YOU THERE and rent that mofo.
It's the story of a girl and her brother (Helen and Christian Slater) in the eighties who ride a scooter and get into trouble so they run away and have crazy fun scary awesome haircutty times. Then they get comeuppance from mean grownups and move to Vermont (spoiler alert!).
We were so empowered by this brand of eighties rebellion (it involves ONE long dangly earring! ONE!) that we decided to make T-Shirts to memorialize our Billie Jean Love.
Billie Jean Davy 4Evr

  • Studio Jam of the Week:
From the Legend of Billie Jean soundtrack, and featuring the aforementioned one-dangly-earringed haircutty awesomeness, it's Pat Benetar's "Invincible!"

  • Studio Happening of the Week:
We were tipped off from Nelly that the Steppenwolf Theater was liquidating their costume and props shop, selling off a bundle of crazy items for one dollar each! So we grabbed our intern and hustled down there, where we braved the crowd of crazy theater people to get our hands on some weird and awesome stuff.

You can see a selection of these items on display in our murder credenza!

  • Kitty Photo of the Week:


Are you guys excited for Halloween?

Burrow Pumpkin!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Seven

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
1. Thanks to lovely generous people, we've reached our goal for our Heartbroken at Hogwarts project! You can still get the comic and donate to the project, though-- The more we make at this fundraiser, the better the comic and the trip will be!

2. Nora just finished printing a whole batch of Burrow T-Shirts! So if you've already ordered yours, expect it in the mail soon! And if you haven't yet, look how pleasing they are!
Pile o' Burrow Shirts!

  • Strange Studio Impulse of the Week:
It was on sale. Now we have a bathroom valet. Tips accepted.

  • Public Defacement of the Week:


  • Kitty VIDEO of the Week:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week Six; Not for the faint of Hogwarts!

This themed post has been brewing in The Burrow for about four weeks. Once we moved in together, it was only a matter of time until our collective Harry Potter love would boil over and erupt in a volcano of molten crazy art. And well guys, yeah that's totally awesome!

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
1. ANNOUNCING A VERY EXCITING PROJECT! Please follow the link to find out more!

2. The Burrow Studio Store! Featuring a bunch of collaborations we're cooking up, including T-Shirts, Screenprints and items to benefit our HHH project.
3. Check out these creepily amazing taxidermied house elves (elfs?) we made! You can see how we did it by clicking here.

  • Kitty Photo of the Week:

Linney's Collection
When Linney feels a little insecure, she likes to get all her favorite objects together
and arrange them all around her just so.
This photo fits with the theme because that orange stripey sock is one of Nora's
hand-knitted Ginny Weasley socks!

  • Studio Jam of the Week: A Very Potter Musical

This is actually our studio jam of the YEAR.
I think our cats are sick of us playing this soundtrack by now.

Finite incantatum, y'all.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Five

It was a busy week! The cats are exhausted from having their snoozes interrupted by our zipping around the studio.

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
1. Cat Experiments Number 2!

2. Studio Store:
We're selling Burrow T-Shirts on our new studio store, starting tomorrow! Soon to have stickers, patches, and lots of exciting things on the way... Please check it out on Monday afternoon to see our T-Shirt listing!

  • Houseguest Happening of the Week:
Our pal Mark came for a visit and ended up finding a cozy spot to work in the studio.

Mark in the Burrow

  • Studio Happening of the Week:
Nelly got us tickets to a preview of Candide at The Goodman Theater. The show was a hoot, and afterwards we got to go to the preview party! It was a very fancy shindig with free food and booze, so naturally we ate and drank everything and were generally slightly embarrassing.

(There were no free tables, so we ate and drank standing.
And Lucy got ketchup on her wine glass.)

  • Studio Jam(s!) of the Week:
We Are Women, from Candide
Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield (this is the unofficial video-- obviously, it's just a picture of a tree. But it's less embarrassing than the... official video.)

  • Kitty Photo of the Week:

Cat prom

  • Studio Funtime Outing of the Week:
On the rare occasion that we actually leave the studio we like to make a go of it. (Hitting the town twice in one week, no way!) Here are some late-night tipsy photobooth pictures of us and our dear sweet Nelly at a dance party last Friday.

Photobooth Friday Night

(More embarrassing photographic partytimes evidence available on