Sunday, April 3, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Twenty-Three

Yet another busy week here at The Burrow. Check it, yo.

We took an overnight to Wisconsin with our pal Nelly to visit the famous landmark, House on the Rock. This is an excellent trip to take if you EVER plan on moving, because it'll make you feel WAY better about how much strange and extraneous stuff you keep around. Alex Jordan, the architect and "curator" of the bizarre collection was way crazy and had a penchant for mechanized bands, creepy dolls, carousels, and ENORMOUS sea beasts. The whole rambling, eccentric place is only semi-lit, so photos are hard to take (not that a photo could ever do it justice), but here are a couple we managed to snap:

Seductive Asian War Room
Nora seated at one of Mr. Jordan's many illuminated wartables, in but one of his many lounges.

Infinity Bridge
Lucy braves the "infinity bridge," an unsupported architectural structure that appears to go on forever while simultaneously being unconnected to the ground. What fun.

There are a lot of ramps at House on the Rock, so while hiking up the four-hundredth ramp of the day, we came up with this new slogan for them:
House on the Rock
See more House on the Rock photos on Nora's Flickr!

  • Studio Craft Project/Houseguest of the Week:
Paper flowers and Mark! Nora taught Lucy and Mark how to make these fabulous enormous paper flowers to usher in Spring!
Paper Flower Mark

  • Studio Event of the Week:
Remember our Halloween Photobooth?
We did another one, this time PROM themed!

Spring Fling Photobooth
Thanks to Beck!

Spring Fling Photobooth
Thanks to Ed and Mark!

Spring Fling Photobooth
Thanks to Erika and Maggie!

You can make your own party photobooth! We simply hook up a remote shutter-release to a digital camera inside a painted cardboard box with a hole for the lense, allowing people to take photos of themselves in front of RIDICULOUSLY sparkly fabric. It's really fun, and you get great photos the next day.

See the whole set of photobooth photos on Lucy's Flickr!

  • Studio Jam of the Week: Born This Way by Lady Gaga
We were skeptical of this song when we first heard it. Too Madonna-y? It took (a few viewings of) the ridiculously long Matthew Barneyesque-vagina-chin-eyeball-skullmakeup video to convince us of its genius, combined with the poppy dancy-dance beat and Gaga's love of being in her underwear. PLUS, we ALMOST get to see her SMILE in this one!

  • Kitty Photo of the Week:

Spring Fling Photobooth
Prom kiss!

Happy Spring, Everybody!