Sunday, November 14, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Nine (or Eleven... Depending)

So we missed a couple weeks there. Sorry! Holidays and illness and travel prevented us from sticking to our regular update schedule, so we'll try to make this post EXTRA GREAT to make up for the missed weeks.

  • The Burrow hosted a Halloween studiowarming shindig!
It was a really fun time. As we'd been planning for a while, we constructed a photobooth and backdrop in our Room of Requirement (our tiny back room where we make art/take photos/grow plants/do interpretive dances). It involved lots of shiny fabric, spray paint and twinkly lights!

Deep Sea Kitty
The cats really loved their new "underwater" fortress.

Here's what we did for the actual photobooth mechanism:

Photobooth Mechanism
A spray-painted cardboard box with a hole to fit a camera on a tripod,
which was connected to a remote shutter release button.

We spent a good deal of time figuring out how to light the damn thing (neither of us are photographers), but in the end it looked pretty great, and people seemed to have fun taking lots of awesome pictures.

Mustache Ghost
This is our friend, Katy, as Mustache Ghost.

Later that weekend, we ventured out of the The Burrow to parade our costumes around the city of Chicago.

Sharky and Squiddy go to the bar
Team Burrow on location!

Despite the FREEZING COLD, we took the scooter around town.
It looked something like this:

(but with helmets)

  • Only a few days after Halloween madness, The Burrow took a field trip out to Easthampton, MA for New England Webcomics Weekend, where Lucy was exhibiting work (and Nora was assisting).

Photo by Magnus Champlin

The show was great-- lots of awesome comics people and fun times.

New England is the capital of diner dining, a food form that we (as good North-Eastern girls) love and revere. So first on our list in jolly old New England was a trip to a for-realz boxcar diner, complete with table-juke (of which Lucy was very fond).

True Love

Nora is from the area, so we bunked with her parents and regressed into 14-year-old cable-tv-loving basement dwellers for the parts of the weekend where we weren't at the comics event. Which leads us to...

  • Studio Obsession of the Week/s: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

    With Martin Freeman as Watson, Mr. Cumberbath plays the new Sherlock Holmes in the BBC Masterpiece Mystery!'s Conan Doyle adaptation.
We stumbled upon the first episode of this three-episode series on our first (of three, conveniently) nights in Massachusetts (where Nora's folks have actual TV, whereas we have only internet TV). WE PROCEEDED TO FALL. IN. LOVE.
GO and watch this amazing series-- it's available free online for a limited time on! THEN GO ON AND TELL US THAT YOU DON'T LOVE IT.

And to read more about our new favorite person on the earth, we particularly like this blog's profile: Geeky Girls Love Sci Fi

As if all that wasn't enough heartthrobby excitement for two weeks, we were DELIGHTED to discover that one studio obsession, The Very Potter Musical, was crossing over with another studio obsession, Glee. (Darren Chriss played Harry in the VPM). So in our minds, this is just Harry Potter singing a love song to Kurt; our favorite character on Glee.

We've reached our secondary Manatee goal for the fundraiser. To celebrate, we bought our plane tickets to Orlando! EEEE! You can still reserve your copy of the comic and donate to the studio on the kickstarter site until January 8th.

We're very excited.


  1. Aw man, can I come and live in that underwater fortress. I promise I will make a good cat, my mewling is perfectly annoying.

  2. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see the reflection of the "Say Yes To Michigan" T-shirt in the photobooth! WOO!

  3. It is a crime that there were only 3 episodes of that new Sherlock adaptation! I hope they make some more.
    Also, I love your costumes : )

  4. Cumberbatch = the eeeeww-inducing child-molestery guy in Atonement...

    and yet, a brilliant Sherlock.

    and now we have to wait until what? july or something???