Sunday, November 21, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Ten

We've had a hard work week here at the studio. Punctuated by the usual nerdy outbursts and midnight movies. How are YOU?

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
1. Stump Pillows! Hand-drawn, hand-printed, hand-dyed and hand-sewn (BY HAND!), these pretty little pillows will be available to buy from Nora at the Lill Street Holiday party/art-sale (December 3rd, 6-10pm).
Stump Pillows

2. Marsupial Cloth Stickers and Applique Patches! Drawn by Lucy and printed/prepped by Nora! These will also be sold at the Lill Street Holiday party/art-sale.
Nora will also have bags and other items for sale at Lill Street
(which is an awesome arts center in Chicago).

  • Studio Happening of the Week:
We hosted a little Pre-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 screening get-together. We made tiny sexy pies, cockroach clusters, butterbeer and pumpkin juice!
Tiny Sexy Mince Pies for HP7 Party

Our Butterbeer Recipe:
Cream soda
A few drops of artificial butter flavoring (from the baking section)
Coconut rum
(Mixed to taste)

Our Pumpkin Juice Recipe:
Apple cider
Canned pumpkin
(Mixed WELL)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 Party CAKE!
We hope you had a great HPWeekend, everybody!

  • Studio Jam of the Week: "Mean," by Taylor Swift

(Our apologies; there are NO better videos of this song...)

Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch!

  • Studio Obsession of the Week:
Because Lucy was too devoted to The X-Files as an adolescent to stray to other television, she sadly missed the Buffy Boat. So now Nora has been giving her a long-overdue education in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's coming along quite well. We're up to the third season, and should graduate to Angel by New Years.

(Sub-obsession: ALL OF WILLOW'S CLOTHES)

  • Kitty Photo of the Week:

Koala Face Cat
Have a smooshface week!


  1. Ooh, I want a stump pillow! They're gorgeous!

    I've been watching Buffy for the first time, too!! It's amazing! :D

  2. Tiny Apple Pies! Yay!

    Also, are the stump pillows going to be available online? Because I want one enough to buy one, but not QUITE enough to drive 16 hours round trip to do so. Help?

  3. Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch!!!! It looks just like him!

  4. Hi - I'm a total stranger de-lurking to tell you that I think I have your cat's doppelganger here at my house. My blog has been DOA, but I posted some pics so you should be able to see him. That first one of yours freaked me out - if he wasn't in the kitchen trying to break into the food tub now, I'd swear that was him. Have a great week!

  5. @Tally We're hoping to put stump pillows online soon! And OMG BUFFY!

    @AmmoniteInk They're mince pies, actually! And we're hoping to put the stump pillows online for sale soon! They take a lotta work, so we're gonna try to shore up a good stock before offering them for sale. But soon!

    @say-it-with-pie IT'S LIKE PHOTO-REALISTIC, RIGHT?

    @Kathryn A Hahaha! Oh look at those orange beasts! They're a little bit skinnier than Linney, but you're right, totally dead-on. Cuties!

  6. there should be some studio blog mention/a drawing of the murder case. i ran into a bit in a truman capote book that reminded me of it.

  7. YOU GUYS. That is the cutest picture of Ripley EVER. Also I had so much fun at HP! Even if I am a bit of a belligerent grump!

  8. If you liked X-Files, you should reallllyyyyy check out Fringe. AMAZING show!

  9. why did "say-it-with-pies" not comment on the PIIIIIIIES! I don't even like pie but they look like things I want IN MY MOUTH RIGHT NOW.

  10. Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible! I'll leave out Dollhouse. I'm still convinced it was a plot by Whedon to get revenge on Fox for cancelling Firefly.

  11. Sign me up for one of those stump pillows if they go online!