Sunday, February 27, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Twenty!

Happy twentieth post!
Many more pop-culture art fun times to be had ahead!

  • Studio project of the week:
Nora screen-printed 300 covers for our Hogwarts comic! Tomorrow we'll start trimming them down and stapling them up to send it to YOU!
So Pleasing!
Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw!

HAH Printed Covers!
We also did a little impromptu Ustream feed yesterday. Nora and Lucy answered questions about The Burrow while Lucy (sort of) worked on the 57 custom sketches for the superstar Kickstarter donors. We'll probably do more live streams, because it was supa fun. Would you guys be interested in watching? We could post the broadcast date/time here on the blog earlier than one-day-ahead-of-the-show next time...

  • Studio Party of the Week:
It's very fortunate that we live together, because NO-ONE TAKES THE OSCARS AS SERIOUSLY AS THE BURROW. Not even the absence of a television set in the apartment could keep us from our glorious wintertime cinematic revelry... (we might have bought a TV for the sake of the Oscars...) (*). We were going to post pictures of ourselves in our Oscarwear (which we wore on our reddish carpet... alone... in our apartment), but our finery was eclipsed by this little number, courtesy of The Gregory Brothers. Big luv:
*Lucy had gotten a TV for her Christmas/Xmas present from her folks, but it was on back-order for, like, EVER. So then we found the same TV at a local place and cancelled the online order to get it locally. Today.

Not to be confused with our...

  • Studio Jam of the Week: (THIS ONE!!! IS FOR ALL THE LADIES!!!)

Jay Sean - Do You Remember ft. Sean Paul, Lil Jon
(You may recognize this little number from a moviefilm we like to call "Wednesday Afternoon at the Burrow." AKA "The Karate Kid." Starring Jayden Smith. We especially like the parts of the song where Lil Jon screams in a scary serial killer voice. All, "DO YOU REMEMBER!!!?")

Well? Do you?

  • Studio Munch of the Week:
We're doing a big fancy farmer's market dinner every thursday night. This one was roasted sausages with sweet-potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and dates with a side-salad of spinach, tomatoes and goat cheese. Rock on, Logan Square Farmer's Market.
Look at this mfing awesome meal.

  • Cat Photo of the Week
It's cooooolllld.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Nineteen

Having finally gotten our suitcases unpacked... Today... Two weeks since we returned... The Burrow Studio life commences. On with the frivolities!

  • Studio Project of the Week:
Look at this in-progress printing preview for the comic about our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Nora is screenprinting the (house-colored) covers, and once those are done we'll mail off the orders and put them up for sale. Shown here: Gryffindor editions.
Cover Preview!

Speaking of HP...

  • Studio Improvement of the Week:
We've conveniently wall-mounted our wands near our desks, for quick access when dark wizards attack our studio.

Accio Wand!Accio Wand!

STILL speaking of our Orlando trip...

  • Friends-of-Burrow Art of the Week!

Manatee Portrait by Rachel Dukes!
This is by the amazing Rachel Dukes of Poseur Ink. What a sweetie! This is PHOTO-DOCUMENTATION of the event depicted. We've ordered away for personalized wetsuits and prescription goggles for all the snorkeling we plan to do in Chicago.

  • Studio Outing of the Week:
In honor of Valentine's Day, we bought ourselves a pile of cupcakes (from Bleeding Heart Bakery) and took them as our dates to see a WEDNESDAY NOON SHOWING of the critically acclaimed, social-justice documentary: JUSTIN BIEBER; NEVER SAY NEVER.

We went into it with expectations of mildly single-bitter amusing cupcake tongue-in-cheek hilarity, but found ourselves experiencing a range of emotion heretofore never experienced by any human being on earth (except for 5 million 13-year-old girls). We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we danced, and we screamed high-pitched shrills of fervent delight. Thank god the theater was COMPLETELY EMPTY EXCEPT FOR US.

Turns out that kid is kind-of a savant. Too bad he might be dumb as a post. Don't worry, Justin, we still love you, you adorable 16-year-old rich-white-male-privileged-Canadian cutie-pie.

In honor of this year's St. Beiber's Day (we changed it), here is our...

  • Studio Jam of the Week:

Goal for next week: Learn. This. Dance. (but we will never be as good as the high-school girls who will probably win the JBeibz dance contest. Curse them!)

Have you ever fallen to the whims of the mighty roar of fan culture populated by preteen ladies? TELL US YOUR STORIES SO WE FEEL LESS ALONE.

Moving along...

  • Kitty Photos of the Week:

Spiral Jetty (Kitty)
Spiral Ripley.

Oh, were you folding this laundry? Too bad.
Oh, were you folding this laundry? That's too bad, because now it's my bed.

Please don't hate us just because we are full of BiebLove. And cupcakes. We might have been coming down with a fever...... You know what we're gonna say now.

See you Beibians next week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Eighteen


The Burrow at the Hogwarts Express

We just returned from a week in Orlando Florida, checking out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was quite an experience, and you can read all about it in detail in the comic that Lucy is drawing all about the trip (which will be available for purchase as soon as it's complete). Those of you who donated to our kickstarter for our Horribly Heartbroken at Hogwarts project, you'll be receiving your copies of the comic within the next few weeks.
Thanks so much for your support! It was amazing.

Hogwarts Crowd

TONS more photos on:

Studio Sub-Outing of the Century!

Manatee Swim! We had a couple extra days to digest all the Harry Potter candy we were eating for all our meals, so we drove up to a manatee refuge on the Crystal River, where we got to swim with manatees.

Nora's feet, manatee
Those are Nora's feet... NEXT TO THAT MANATEE.

  • Studio T-Shirt of the Week:
You can now buy our Star Wahhhrz Krew T-Shirt! Check it out on our...
Burrow Studio Store!

Stahh Wahhhz T-Shirt

  • Studio Jam of the Week:
Glee is back, yo. Therefore, so is Darren Criss. (But more focus on Kurt, please. Nobody puts baby in a corner!)

Here's a picture of us time traveling into Atlantis.
The Burrow takes Florida
See you next week, Atlantians.