Sunday, February 13, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Eighteen


The Burrow at the Hogwarts Express

We just returned from a week in Orlando Florida, checking out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was quite an experience, and you can read all about it in detail in the comic that Lucy is drawing all about the trip (which will be available for purchase as soon as it's complete). Those of you who donated to our kickstarter for our Horribly Heartbroken at Hogwarts project, you'll be receiving your copies of the comic within the next few weeks.
Thanks so much for your support! It was amazing.

Hogwarts Crowd

TONS more photos on:

Studio Sub-Outing of the Century!

Manatee Swim! We had a couple extra days to digest all the Harry Potter candy we were eating for all our meals, so we drove up to a manatee refuge on the Crystal River, where we got to swim with manatees.

Nora's feet, manatee
Those are Nora's feet... NEXT TO THAT MANATEE.

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Stahh Wahhhz T-Shirt

  • Studio Jam of the Week:
Glee is back, yo. Therefore, so is Darren Criss. (But more focus on Kurt, please. Nobody puts baby in a corner!)

Here's a picture of us time traveling into Atlantis.
The Burrow takes Florida
See you next week, Atlantians.


  1. Speaking of Harry Potter & Darren Criss (and GLEE!), have you seen "A Very Potter Musical" on youtube which stars Darren Criss? If you haven't, you must check it out- it's pretty amazing! Glad you had a magical time in Hogsmead!

    Harry Potter Musical:

    -A Burrow Fan!

  2. Due to my lack of credit card but intense love of those T-shirts, I ask whether or not you will be bringing some up my way for TCAF?

    I also hear that boys like Buffy too, and I know one buyer who would definitely purchase a mens version. That buyer is me.