Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Seventeen (T-Minus 24 Hours)

We decided to forego the usual Sunday update in favor of doing a Wednesday one, as our DEPARTURE IS IMMINENT.

It's 24 hours until we leave for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The preparations were mighty, but we're all ready to set out on our voyage! See below:

(Alright, so in all actuality we haven't packed at all. There's still 24 hours to pack!)

If you live in or around Orlando and wanna hang out while we're in town, we'll be arranging at least one meetup during the week. Wanna be pals with us and participate in this adventure? More info about the hangouts here:

Orlando Meetup

Crookshanks Mrs. Norris
The movie stars rest up in costume after a long day of shooting.


  1. Awesome packing video! Have a great time!

  2. Can't forget the Manatee! I'm excited for you both and glad Mrs Norris and Crookshanks get to go too.... ;)

  3. That video might just be one of the greatest things I've ever seen. You guys are amazing. Hope you have a great time!

  4. My god - that is awesome on so many levels! Great song. Great cats! Cute girls!! Yay!

  5. I was at the Wizarding World just few weeks ago with my husband! 8) It was amazing! But I forgot to ask the Hog's Head bartender if they've got fire whiskey! :o So I was wondering if you could find out if they've got that? :)

    Hope you two enjoy your trip as much as I did (the hubby did too :>) and have a magical trip! :]

  6. oh man, that is the most charming video in the world!!!

  7. you guys are my heroes of every thing! crafting, nerd-dom and kitty owners--you're the best! haha

    i also love that song and now i need it. you're a great influence.

    i'm super excited to see what comes out of your awesome adventure! good luck, be safe, and CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

  8. I am so heartbroken I never got the chance to fund your magical adventure to awesomeness...I meant to, but there were money-card problems and waahh..:(

    still, im glad you guys are going to have the best time ever in harrypotterland!

    Will people be able to purchase that book afterward, by any chance? I'd still lovelovelove to own a copy!
    have SO MUCH FUN you guys! <3

  9. I was going to tell you that it is actually cold in Florida right now and you should bring layers, but realized that my Floridian idea of cold (mid 60s) would just cause you to laugh hysterically and possibly miss your flight.

  10. A beaded bag! Hahahaha. Niiiice.

    I guess you're there now, so I hope you're having a GREAT TIME.

  11. Very cute video! I hope the weather is great and have a super-duper awesome time!

  12. Wow, I am laughing and deeply impressed. This is so great. Lucy, I just read your book French Milk for the second time (one of the books I added to my purchase of Sarah's Key, and French by Heart when Amazon recommended you and I am so glad for the purchase). Oddly enough I read your book right before I started reading the Harry Potter series this summer (for my first time, at 38 I don't know what I had been waiting for as I have loved the films). So after I read your book the 2nd time I, yes, confess I googled you to see if you had another book and chuckled when I saw you had "The Burrow"...made me think "Weasleys", and low and behold y'all are off right now to Orlando. Congrats and have a blast. I enjoyed your book, I adore Paris, and this site is wonderfully fun and creative. Cheers to you and Nora.

  13. Are you back or on your way? I miss your posts!

    BTW did you have butterbeer? Which one did you prefer: frozen or normal? Frozen is my favorite...