Sunday, January 9, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Fifteen

Well folk, thanks to your generous support, we'll be embarking on our journey to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to make comics and drink butterbeer and think hard about American consumerism while we balm our broken hearts with manatees. For this adventure, we have you to thank, so LETS HIGH FIVE ALL OF YOU!

We won't letcha down.
Departing to Orlando January 27th, where we'll stay before hustling back to the frigid wastelands of Chicago on February 4th. If anyone down in Orlando or thereabouts would like to hang out or meet up, please let us know via email or comment. We're especially curious about people who have worked in or live near the parks-- what's it like? Wanna be in a comic?

  • Studio Jam of the Week: Like it's Quidditch, by Nice Peter

Thanks to our pal, Tana Ford, for the tip off about this song!
Though... We have listened to it an unhealthy amount this week... so...
Tana, you will be getting our doctor bills.

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
1. Burrow Studio Ukulele cover of JBieb'z "Baby."

(Has... has nobody noticed that one of the posters is not Justin Bieber? Seriously?
BONUS POINTS if you can name that face in the comments!)

2. BtheVS Shirt! Drawn by Lucy and printed by Nora:

Buy your own on our store!

3. Tree Towels: We made these for holiday presents for friends and family, and we liked them so much we made more! Drawn by Lucy, and hand dyed/screenprinted by Nora.

Tree Towel Forest!
You can pick up these beauties on Nora's Etsy Page.

Lucy will be showing and selling original artwork and comics pages with a group of local Chicago comic artists. The Burrow will be selling some Nora-Printed T-Shirts featuring STAR WARS ART BY LUCY. If you live in or around Chicago, you should check out this show! The opening is next friday. It's gonna be great, and features art by some of our pals who are awesome (Sarah Becan and Corinne Mucha, among others).
And if we have any T-Shirts left over when the show closes, or a high demand, we'll have them available online for purchase.

  • Kitty Photos of the Week:
Why. Are. You. Not. Feeding. Me.
Ripley, are you ShiShi-Gami?

Oh hai.
If we're going to be making Miyazaki comparisons...

  • Studio Munch of the Week: Hot foamed milk with cinnamon and vanilla and honey, with a stroopwafel warming on top.

Wishing you all blankets!
Stay warm 'till next week.


  1. Amanda Byrnes, She's the Man. Very nice.

  2. @kelly Anne: MAAAYBE. (10 Bynes Points)

  3. I did notice that! I did say to my boyfriend, "I do believe that is Amanda Bynes in She's the Man. She does look uncannily like Justin Bieber in that picture." Clever of you!

  4. I'd love downloadable MP3s of your songs, but it seems incredibly rude to ask for them for free, and I'm sure selling them would involve a lot of copyright law shenanigans to make sure you don't get sued.

    Love all of your stuff, though! Keep it coming!

  5. UGHHH i really wanted to be the first to notice Sebastian Hastings poster. new school, new babe pool. you know how it is.

    loved this post, y'all. down to the very last stroopwafel. nora - i have a half finished letter. i WILL get it to you, finished, before florida. so jeal.

  6. See, I kind of think Ripley looks like Pai Mei before a silky beard flicking episode.

    Also, guhhh the procrastination vortex that has seized me caused me to miss your kickstarter deadline! Will you be offering HHH for sale after satisfying your adoring (and more timely) fans?

  7. You guys are frikken hilarious. Thanks for the shout out, I've been driving Matthew crazy with that song all week, too.

    And props on the Uke playing. How Fancy!

  8. i missed the kickstarter deadline too, and now i'm regretting it so much!

    loooooooved the bieber cover, that is one example of the finest music. excellent! hahahaha i love your music!

    and that stroopwafel seems delicious :)

  9. Oh hell yes Amanda Bynes! I friggin love that movie.

  10. :( i'm moving away from orlando next week! otherwise i'd totally hang with you, and give you my seaworld passes. (since my last day was today i can no longer claim them)

    I'm a pyrotechnician at seaworld, and my friends all work for universal and disney. I live a surreal life sometimes.

    last week i was hanging lights in the beluga whale habitat and found a secret underwater viewing chamber inaccessable to the public. i also found the (allegedly unlocked) door to the polar bear pen!

    i love you guys though, and i wish i weren't leaving so soon

  11. OH! i've also got some dirt on the behind the scenes operations of harry potter, but i won't spoil it until you go visit.

  12. Stroopwafels! Really weird to run into a Dutch word on your blog. And that you know the Dutch custom of warming them on a cup of something warm. o.O Eet smakelijk!

    They have those over there and you call them stroopwafels too? How odd!

  13. Heck Yes! I am totally in Orlando- I still have those 6 tickets I promised you on the Twitters~

    But if you're all covered then I'd still love to meet up for food :)

  14. My husband and I are technically from a burb in Tampa, but we are in Orlando all the time! I take Burlesque dancing classes in the area and also teach some metalsmithing and millinery classes there occasionally... We'd love to meet up sometime while ya'll are down! So glad we did it and you are able to come down!

  15. ALSO! I work at the airport, so if you need a lift to or from I can be the best chauffeur ever~

  16. Amanda Bynes, from She's the Man =3= She was a cute-ass boy, agreed?

  17. Hahahaha!! LOVE the song. You gals gave me a smile today...

  18. <3 " Hot foamed milk with cinnamon and vanilla and honey, with a stroopwafel warming on top." That sounds SCRUMPTIOUS! :)

    Can't wait to see the comic from hogwarts!! Enjoy sunny florida, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you guys have good weather :)

  19. I'mma kick this up a notch, considering that multiple people have already confirmed that it is in fact Amanda Bynes in the movie She's the Man. But did you know that the movie was a retelling of the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night?

    You probably did, cause you ladies are cool and literary people. And that's why I love reading your blog!

  20. Yep, definitely Amanda Bynes.

    Have fun in Florida! Be glad you aren't going in August (like I foolishly did when I finally made it to WDW).

  21. Ugh! I'm four hours south in Ft Lauderdale. Perhaps I can tempt you ladies further down the peninsula with the promise of Cuban food and strong local beers?

  22. i live in chicago now, but i went to the high school across the street from where they built the wizarding world (as did my friend, baron von aaron, who commented above)! we would listen to roaring roller coasters during our classes all the time. very surreal indeed.

  23. Jaclyn, I totally must have had a marching band practice on your HS's football field when we were in town for a Bowl Game a few years back! I remember thinking that it would indeed be surreal to be in school and see roller coasters through the trees!