Sunday, January 16, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Sixteen

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
  • 1. Kick-Ass Annies for Koyama Press: Annie Koyama of Koyama Press has been doing the "Kick-Ass Annie Project," which is a collection of artist interpretations of her Koyama Press logo. Here are The Burrow's additions to the project.
    Koyama Press bag
    Nora's fabulous printed, appliqued and hand-sewn kick-ass tote bag.
    Kick-Ass Annie
    And Lucy's spikey-haired book-stomping rendition.

2. T-Shirts: Keeping with our tradition of enabling one-another's total nerd adoration in the form of T-Shirt Creation Worship, here are another two Burrow Studio T-Shirts. Drawn by Lucy and hand-printed by Nora. The Buffy Shirts are available on our Burrow Store, and the Star Wars Shirt is (for now) only available at Las Manos Gallery in Andersonville. (Online soon!)
Nerd T-Shirts of the Week
Dayum! Look how hot Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mark Hammil look in our sexy T-Shirts!
Don't you wanna be like them?

  • Studio Outing of the Week: The Static Creep Show at Las Manos Gallery had its opening last friday, and The Burrow was in attendance along with a TON of awesome people. We saw some great art, including original pages by Lucy and our pals Sarah Becan, Corinne Mucha, and the fabulous Nicole Hollander. We drooled over some gorgeous (and unattainably expensive) art by our new friend-crush, Jenny Frison. We chatted with pals, and sold Star Wars T-Shirts and drank wine. Fun times-- thanks to those of you who came out to hang with us! The show will be up through Feb 6th, so check it out if you can.

  • Studio Jam of the Week: Just in case any of you follow us on twitter, we absolutely (do not) apologize for the recent spate of Buffy-obsessed tweets, especially our total breakdown about the musical episode. Our Buffyquest has brought us into the sixth season, where this glorious pinnacle of television programming has completely taken over all studio airspace. Keeping in mind that, until recently, Lucy was uninterested in this "Joss Whedon" nonsense, we find it pretty impressive that this show has now TAKEN OVER HER LIFE. Please enjoy this musical number. ENJOY IT NOW.
Every moment spent not watching Buffy is a moment spent IN HELL.

  • Kitty Photos of the Week: Ripley's dewey-decimal # is 666. No-one was surprised by this. (Linney's DD# is BLORP).
Shelved Ripley


Streeeehhtch that flarb!


  1. Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog is a good chaser to the Buffy musical episode. Whedon does love his musicals - although I should says Whedons on Doc Horrible.

  2. I am also in a Buffy-episode-revival-obsession-phase, so the tweets are well appreciated. (I've also started Angel, cause I'm in love)

  3. After Buffy & Angel (and Dr Horrible) don't forget Firefly! Short-lived but awesome :)

  4. The Buffy musical episode is among the top, if not THE top, moment in television history. I too know the consumption of the Buffyverse. I envy you, Lucy, for not knowing what's coming up 12 episodes from now... ;p

  5. That watchers/Watcher joke is so geeky! And funny!