Sunday, February 20, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Nineteen

Having finally gotten our suitcases unpacked... Today... Two weeks since we returned... The Burrow Studio life commences. On with the frivolities!

  • Studio Project of the Week:
Look at this in-progress printing preview for the comic about our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Nora is screenprinting the (house-colored) covers, and once those are done we'll mail off the orders and put them up for sale. Shown here: Gryffindor editions.
Cover Preview!

Speaking of HP...

  • Studio Improvement of the Week:
We've conveniently wall-mounted our wands near our desks, for quick access when dark wizards attack our studio.

Accio Wand!Accio Wand!

STILL speaking of our Orlando trip...

  • Friends-of-Burrow Art of the Week!

Manatee Portrait by Rachel Dukes!
This is by the amazing Rachel Dukes of Poseur Ink. What a sweetie! This is PHOTO-DOCUMENTATION of the event depicted. We've ordered away for personalized wetsuits and prescription goggles for all the snorkeling we plan to do in Chicago.

  • Studio Outing of the Week:
In honor of Valentine's Day, we bought ourselves a pile of cupcakes (from Bleeding Heart Bakery) and took them as our dates to see a WEDNESDAY NOON SHOWING of the critically acclaimed, social-justice documentary: JUSTIN BIEBER; NEVER SAY NEVER.

We went into it with expectations of mildly single-bitter amusing cupcake tongue-in-cheek hilarity, but found ourselves experiencing a range of emotion heretofore never experienced by any human being on earth (except for 5 million 13-year-old girls). We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we danced, and we screamed high-pitched shrills of fervent delight. Thank god the theater was COMPLETELY EMPTY EXCEPT FOR US.

Turns out that kid is kind-of a savant. Too bad he might be dumb as a post. Don't worry, Justin, we still love you, you adorable 16-year-old rich-white-male-privileged-Canadian cutie-pie.

In honor of this year's St. Beiber's Day (we changed it), here is our...

  • Studio Jam of the Week:

Goal for next week: Learn. This. Dance. (but we will never be as good as the high-school girls who will probably win the JBeibz dance contest. Curse them!)

Have you ever fallen to the whims of the mighty roar of fan culture populated by preteen ladies? TELL US YOUR STORIES SO WE FEEL LESS ALONE.

Moving along...

  • Kitty Photos of the Week:

Spiral Jetty (Kitty)
Spiral Ripley.

Oh, were you folding this laundry? Too bad.
Oh, were you folding this laundry? That's too bad, because now it's my bed.

Please don't hate us just because we are full of BiebLove. And cupcakes. We might have been coming down with a fever...... You know what we're gonna say now.

See you Beibians next week.


  1. "Have you ever fallen to the whims of the mighty roar of fan culture populated by preteen ladies? TELL US YOUR STORIES SO WE FEEL LESS ALONE."

    I have not. Sorry.

  2. My best friend and I plan on going to Never Say Never...but dressed as old ladies. That way no one will recognize us and assume we're two old biddies who just love 'that cute little canadian singer that my grand-daughter likes so much'. Lovin' the Beibs. but in secret.

  3. I would go see it if I could convince about 150 other people to see it with me, all of us dressed up as old ladies. I am male, 6'5" and 250lb.

  4. I .... I actually liked that remix. Oh no! I'm being TURNED to the BIEBER!

    But also - nice to see a music video where the women are as covered in clothing as the men are. For that alone I'll like him better.

    I escaped pop culture worship by being utterly clueless about anything other than horses until rather older than I should have been. Boys/pop music didn't exist for me. Well, I mean, sure, I loved Kermit The Frog, but who didn't? :)

  5. okay, that video had some pretty ridiculously cool moves in it. not sure i have fallen whim to much fan culture since middle school, but i do have a weakness for korean pop music. so bad, but so so good!

  6. Sweet Baby Odin, there will be House editions too? When will they be available for purchase? I am just crazy enough to purchase a Slytherin house cover in addition to the one I pre-ordered.

  7. The kid's a damn idiot. Think of all the damage that little Canadian tween did for gay rights AND women's reproductive rights in one fell article.


    At least he gave the world that adorable haircut.

  8. Sorry girls, can't do it. Can't join in the Beib-luvfest. Can't even listen to his music because thus far I have remained completely in ignorance and want to remain so. Although I do remember he was a part of Band-Aid 20 and they played the video at the beginning of the Winter Olympics and I asked my friend who that 12 year old girl was.

    Now I'm at a loss... do I counter the Beib with the Rolling Stones to prove how out of touch I am? Or do I counter it with Franz Ferdinand and the Strokes? To show I'm not as out of touch as all THAT.


  10. If we are getting a book because of Kickstarter - will we get to chose which House edition we will get?

  11. Be Strong! Be Proud! Be a belieber.

  12. Ooooooh, the covers! Very exciting. I suppose that it would be too complicated to ask everyone which edition they want...

    As for teenage fan girl stuff... well, for a while when the Lord of the Rings movies first came out I had a bit of a crush on Orlando Bloom. Kind of a silly teenaged crush, despite my being 25 at the time. I'm over that now though. I can't really join in on the Beiber-fest, however I was completely on board with the Cumberbatch love. Bring back Sherlock!

  13. I LOVE Justin Bieber...why? Because:

    Also, I watched Baby right after watching some miley cyrus video...Miley cyrus video took place in like a thumping LA club and was pretty inappropriat...while Baby took place in a bowling alley and ludacris was there...WELL, welcome to MY pre-teens!

    Is it possible to get heartbroken at hogwarts if we didnt originally donate to kickstarter?

  14. You want to feel less alone or find a new obsession? I got sucked into the Alexander Rybak vortex a few months ago. I can't help myself. Check out his "Oah" video and be doomed.