Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Twelve

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
1. Eff You. The Ukulele Cover. We just happened to have the camera rolling while we were just, you know, hanging out as usual.
(just kidding. We did like 14 takes).

Eff You (Ukulele Cover) from Lucy Knisley on Vimeo

2. We made a new T-Shirt! It's got a ZEBRA on it. Buy yours here!

New Zebra Shirt!

  • Kitty Photo/Studio Mail of the Week:
This week we got some lovely mail containing two BRILLIANT cat portraits from our new favorite person, Amy C! She totally NAILED them! Thank you, Amy!

Kitty Portraits by Amy C!
Ripley with Portrait by Amy C.
Linney with Portrait by Amy C.
PS: If anyone would like to send us more amazing mail, we are HAPPY TO HEAR THAT. Email us. LIKE RIGHT NOW.

  • Studio Munch of the Week:
VICTORY PIE! Nora made a lovely buck off the Stump Pillows at the Lillstreet Arts Holiday Sale/Party, so she went downstairs to the Lillstreet pie cafe and bought us a WHOLE PIE. We'd have taken a photo of it before we ate half of it, but there was no time in that nanosecond to get the camera.

(Sour-Cherry Cinnamon! Holycrap good.)

  • Studio Obsession of the Week MONTH:
MORE BUFFY. With season 3 completed, we move onto college and the continued awesomeness.

Click the image below for the ENORMOUS computer background version.

T-Shirts to follow... Next week?


  1. Love the video. I think that's my favourite version of that song now.

  2. Your cover was great! I really want to get a ukulele and this video just solidified that.

    Cute cat paintings too!

  3. 1. I read "eff you" as "eLf you" & then was confused why you didn't sing it that way...

    2. I'm wearing my zebra shirt RIGHT NOW!! I'll be sure to let you know how many MILLIONS of compliments I get on it in our nation's capitol.

  4. can a cat puppet version of the cover be far off?
    tumblrd: http://edchoymoorman.tumblr.com/post/2150200529/my-friends-lucy-knisley-and-nora-renick-reinehart

  5. I love that cover harder than Young Jeezy is.

  6. Sweeeet. I'm not the only person who has been watching a ton of Buffy this month.

  7. Ok, I'm back for the second time this week to watch your version of "F*** You." It's too awesome. And the kitties are looking so cute!

  8. HOLY CRAP, if you do make that Buffy art into a tshirt, I'M BUYING THREE.