Sunday, March 27, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Twenty-Two

Spring is BUSY! We've been rushing around working on theater shows, conventions, preparing for travel and enjoying the above-freezing Chicago weather. In fact, today we're headed up to Wisconsin to visit House on the Rock!

But we've been sending out lots of Here at Hogwarts orders. Look at this beautiful photo and review we got on NotMartha! (NotMartha Covers our Here at Hogwarts project!)

And we are LOVING some of the notes we're getting in response to the book. Here are a few of our favorite photo replies. Thanks so much to everyone who got the comic. We are MADJAZZED that the response has been so great!





Wanna send us your own photos of you with your beloved H.A.H.? Please do! If you're cool with it, put them all up in this flickr pool, here!

Now EVERYBODY IN THE CAR. 3.5 hours to House on the Rock!
Lucy already has to pee.

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