Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Burrow Takes NYC: Burrow Reunion Tour!

To celebrate Lucy's natal day, Nora Megabus'd down to New York (after attending a wedding in Boston) to spend 48 hours on a whirlwind Burrow adventure through Lucy's hometown. We were pretty excited about it.

List of Burrow 48-hr Exploits, 
NYC Edition:

Subway Burrow!

1. Nora got in Sunday night and we had Chinese food at "Chelsea Chinese" (formerly "Grand Szechuan"), the best Chinese food in NYC (a bold claim, but Lucy stands by it). Soup dumpliiiings.

2. Then to drinks at "Little Branch" near Lucy's house-- a 1920's style underground bar with live jazz music and bartenders in suspenders.

3. After one delicious pricey cocktail, we headed home to do some intensely intellectual studies in the modern adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic literary triumph.

Then we were exhausted from how ridiculously beautiful that show is, so we had to sleep.


1. We started out with hot drinks and croissants at Joe's the Art of Coffee.

2. Nora needed a new winter coat, so we hit the space-port-style Uniqlo Flagship Store.
(This is not the coat she bought. But it is quite poofy.)

3. Lunch at "Pies & Thighs," a southern-food restaurant where we had fried-chicken biscuit sandwiches with honey butter and hot sauce, accompanied by hush puppies and brussel sprouts with bacon vinaigrette.
Pies & ThighsPies & Thighs
Then Pear-Ginger-Cherry pie. We left one bite, so as to remain ladylike.
Pies & Thighs

4. We walked up Bedford Ave to peer into all the thrifty/crafty/twee little shops we couldn't afford.

5. Then we took a $8 tour of the Brooklyn Brewery! This was so much fun and beer for so little money! We had a great time.
Brooklyn Brewery Burrow
We got to try 4 types of their beers, and tour their great facility in Williamsburg.
Brooklyn Brewery BurrowBrooklyn Brewery Burrow

6. Then dinner at Nighthawk Cinema, where you can order FOOD at the MOVIES. Why aren't ALL movie theaters like this one!? WHY. It really alleviates the need to smuggle a ham and a bottle of wine into the theater in your jacket. Plus, it makes for a very time-saving evening!...

7. ...Which leaves us more time to devote to SHERLOCK. Episode 2.2. Swoonypants.

(Spoiler Alert) I'm so sorry I'm a crazy hallucinating bastard, John. I love you. So much. *makeouts*
...We mighta dreamt part of that.

1. Got some cheapo bagels nearby and went to eat them in Christopher Park. Nora had some processing time with some of the sapphic statues.
Look, I KNOW you're worried that her feelings are breaching your emotional membrane, but you need to keep in mind that the equilibrium of your mutual emotivity is limited by you're BEING A STATUE.

2. Don't let it be said that we don't know how to entertain ourselves for free. Watching puppies in store windows: like a movie for broke people who can't even play in NYC for 24 hours without being completely decimated financially. But don't these puppies make it all seem okay?
Frenchies in the window

3. We went to Purl Soho to oggle... oogle?... Ogle? Ogle! the fancy yarns and fabric goods. Look! Drool.

4. Nora needed a dose of some New York pizza, so we went to John's for a pie with Lucy's cousin and uncle. Muah. Delish.

For some information on how SERIOUSLY INTENSE New York pizza is, please see this treatise:
Preach, Jon Stewart!

6. Then, to balance out our little weekday-weekend, we finished up with a couple cupcakes from the new NYC Molly's Cupcakes! This place was our regular treat in Chicago. When their main source of revenue (Lucy) moved to NYC, they opened a place JUST FOR HER, a block from her new apartment. How's that for service?


7. Alas, after a reunion Burrow Blog, Nora was bound back to Chicago and away. Super fun New York Burrow adventures, out!

More photos of all of this nonsense on Flickr! 



  1. Sherlock: "I'm so sorry I'm a crazy hallucinating bastard, John. I love you. So much." *makeouts*

    Preeeeeetty sure that's 100% accurate. :)

  2. Oh god, I love that show so much. Why aren't there a million of it.

  3. You both are so amazing and inspirational.. I really miss your blog updates :(

  4. NORA I used to go look at the SAME PUPPY STORE during exams, as a de-stressing mechanism. I APPROVE. Even though your New York trip took you away from me TOO SOON :-D

  5. Aw, I miss the Burrow updates!

    It is seriously cruel that they only do three Sherlock episodes at a time.

    CREME BRULEE cupcake? I wonder if Molly would consider moving to Montreal.

  6. I found you on rather randomly but I'm glad I did! :)
    Hope you will give us more blog updates :)

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