Sunday, June 19, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Twenty-Six!

We've been busy the last couple of Sundays, so this is a big one!

  • Studio Obsession of the Season: XENA.

The Burrow
We've been watching a lot of Xena... Warrior Princess.
Have you heard, she was forged in the heat of battle?

  • Studio Event of the Season: GLEE LIVE. Nora's birthday presents from Lucy were two tickets to Glee Live (under the condition that one of the tickets would be for her). Of course, it was fantastic and ridiculous and we weren't even the oldest people there!* It was in a packed arena full of screaming nerds such as ourselves, being blown away by TV people and pyrotechnics and epic lighting and assorted types of home-made costumes.

  • Confetti Canon.
    *There were definitely some parents who were older than us. We checked.

    We were right next to the teeny rear stage, where the actors would occasionally sneak-surprise us with a number about five feet from our heads. It was amazing. Look how close we were to Chris Colfer:
    Glee Live.

    Our home-made T-shirts for the show, referencing this scene:
    Gleeference T-Shirts
    If you watch Glee, you'll know that the meaning behind these particular T-shirt phrases are coded for other actual attributes that fit us rather well. Hint: Nora's not actually Lebanese.

    • Studio Update of the Week: Here at Sowmoles! We have a "new" comic available for sale as a digital download and/or minicomic. It might look familiar to some of you... With one crucial (legal) difference.
    We hope you and our good Brothers Warner like the change!

    CCS Pencil Cases

    • Studio Outing of EVERY Week: The Logan Square Farmer's Market! Every week we skip through the glorious hipster-filled morning market located in our neighborhood. Nora goes crazy buying plants for the garden and Lucy goes crazy buying food like this tiny ice-cream cone ("tea-and-cookies" flavored).

    HMS Tiny Tub Sized
    Last week we saw were trampled by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's camera crew, as Mr. Mayor wandered through the market shaking babies and kissing hands and preventing us from getting to the free samples of fancy jam. Somewhere there's probably a news feature where you can barely hear Rahm answering some constituent's question over Nora yelling "I JUST WANT SOME JAM, RAHM!" in the background. Please send a link if you find this video.

    • Studio Improvement of the Week: Garden Overhaul! Nora has been toiling in the hot sun over our teeny backyard to transform it into a nice little garden space. Here's what she's done so far-- it's WORLDS away from the desert-cement of urban depression that it once was.
    Raised Bed and Trellises
    Lucy and Linney helped.

    • Studio Drink of the Week: MOREjitos! Nora took about a metric ton of mint out of the back garden in preparation for planting a wider assortment of herbs. And since we had all this mint, plus we were on our way to see the latest Pirates spectacle at the $4 movie theater (which = RUM), there was only one thing we could do.
    More Mint = Morejitos
    Smuggle mojitos into the movie in our water bottles!

    Our recipe:
    (over ice)
    Muddled Mint
    A Couple Muddled Strawberries
    Coconut Rum
    Club Soda
    Two Limes
    One half Lemon
    Honey or Maple Syrup (to taste)

    • Studio Jam of the Week: Vegetables! (Beach Boys Cover by Kayla Willi)

    • kitty photo of the Week: Linney had to get some butthair shaved off because it was dreadlocking. Ripley HATES the new 'do. But when has Ripley really needed an excuse to chase Linney around the apartment?
    Bad Haircut
    The answer is NEVER.


    1. Where can I get one of those pencil cases?!?! They're amazing!

    2. Man, I feel so special now that I have one of the copies from before WB got butthurt. ~*~ LIMITED EDITION ~*~

    3. You'll never be rid of the mint in the yard. The stuff is *invasive.* :D

    4. AMAZING update! The Xena photoshopping is BRILLIANT! I'm wondering what "sowmoles" means, though. O_o;

    5. Sow-Moles = Hog-Warts
      And I too am VERY happy to have a first edition book. ^_^

    6. Thanks for the update, I missed reading your exploits. LOVE the last photo of the kittehs, hahahaha.

    7. Please please tell me you're going to be selling those pencil cases online. I NEED ONE.

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