Sunday, July 10, 2011

Studio Log: Starweek Twenty-Eight

Happy Sunday!
The Burrow

  • The Burrow Studio Makes The Black Family Tapestry from Lucy Knisley on Vimeo.

    The beginning sequence is our trial print of the negative image on an undyed piece of canvas. Then we use discharge paste on a piece of dyed fabric to print the image, which removes the dye where it's printed and then steamed with an iron. A cool, one-might-say MAGICAL process.

    More photos of the BFT here!

    • Studio Outing of the Week: Burrow Ink!
    Kit and Nora
    Burrow Tattoo Times!
    Burrow Tats Closeup
    To commemorate our year of studio time and mutual affection for HP,
    on the week of the last movie's release, and one of our last weekends together.
    By our fabulous, speedy and amazing tattoo artist, Kit Hall.

    • Studio Obsession of the Week: Kyle XY! Continuing on in our quest to catch up on every cancelled TV show of the last decade, we're getting out ABC Family dramedy on. Thanks, instant-watch. To illustrate the genius of this show, here is an old illustration of Lucy's.
    The Cast of Kyle XY

    • Studio Jam of the Week: The Winner Takes it All, By Abba, as performed by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Did you guys see "The Trip?" This scene was our favorite in the whole movie.

    • Kitty Photos of the Week:
    Smooshface Ripley
    Smooshface headscratches.
    Black Family Tree Flop
    Zzz, BFT.


  1. OH MY GOD THAT TAPESTRY IS AMAZING!!! You guys are such badasses!!!

  2. You two are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. That tapestry is amazing and so is the making of video.

    Also, the tattoos. They only reinforce my desire to get something on my ankle.

  4. Holy crap! The tapestry RULES!!!!

  5. That tapestry is BEAUTIFUL! You guys continually amaze and inspire me with your projects.

    (Also, I now have serious ink envy over your Harry Potter tattoos.)


  7. How? What? Huh? How can you two seriously be that awesome? I'm deeply, reply vexed by your amazing talent. But let me be clear: it is a very pleasant vexing. Beautiful work.