Sunday, September 26, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Four (X-Week)

This week was bats. We were swamped with big non-collaborative projects, so this week's blog post is, yet again, not the planned themed post we've been talking about for weeks. Next week? Fingers crossed.

  • Studio Project of the Week:
Rainburrow! This week we did some very important studio organizing, which involved organizing ALL THE COLORS. Above our full-spectrum studio closet doors is our studio credo (to which we do not always adhere).
"If I sleep with someone, they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina." --Lady Gaga


  • Studio Jam of the Week:
Of course. It follows--

  • Houseguest Happening of the week:
Nora's friend Raph came to visit us for the weekend, and we discovered we all had something in common...


  • Confusing Discovery of the Week:
In an empty storefront near the studio. Umm... We'd shop there.


  • Cat Photo of the Week:

I said SH!
Hopefully we'll feel less like Ripley in this photo next week.

Laterz xoxo4evuh.
--The Burrow


  1. I cannot stop laughing at you guys in your t-shirts!

    ~B (is very jealous of the kitty cat club.)

  2. I absolutely adore this new weekly blog. <3

  3. Your helmet is seriously cool! Where can I get one like that?

  4. Oh my goodness, I saw that same amazing shoe store today and pointed it out! lol

  5. Gotta love the Behr color spectrum! (and the Gaga quote haha)