Sunday, September 19, 2010

Studio Log: Starweek Three

Happy Sunday! We know we promised a theme for this week, but we're going to sit on it for another week, so look for it next Sunday. This week seems to be accidentally "cat themed." But when isn't everything in our lives cat themed?

  • Studio Projects of the Week:
1. Cat. Experiments.

2. Burrow T-Shirt! Nora screenprinted this Burrow T-Shirt for Lucy the other day. Would you be interested in owning one yourself? Let us know via email or comment.

Burrow T-Shirt!

  • Studio Happening of the Week:
We went out to the Chicago suburbs to Nora's aunt Janice's house to watch a True Blood season 3 marathon. It's quite a viscous show, so the 12-hour viewing was MEGA VISCOUS. The fake blood budget on that show must be astronomical! In retrospect, it was probably not the best idea to make themed snacks for the event, as the beet salad, pomegranate juice and raspberry pie seemed less appealing than they might usually have done...

Trueblood Season 3 Marathon

  • Studio Jam of the Week: "Feel Like Going Back Home" from the Bran Nue Dae soundtrack (We went to see this movie at the ONE movie theater in Chicago where it's playing. Shocked that the rest of the country seems oblivious to the awesomest Australian musical with Geoffery Rush of all time.)

  • Studio Munch of the Week:

Eggs in Avacado Oil with veggies and polenta and cheese!

Polenta with avacado, black bean, tomato, spinach and onion in balsamic, cheese and egg fried in avacado oil (a new acquisition). Side of pencil, to indicate that we worked through dinner.

  • Kitty Photo of the Week: Double decker cats!

Double Decker Kitties

Meow Meow next week.


  1. Every day should always be cat themed!

    Oh they're both so adorable. What perfect kitty friends. I hope they're starting to get along.

    I love the Burrow shirt but I think I'd prefer it as a sticker? I have too many awesome t-shirts that I never wear now that I'm trying to cement my place in society as a Respectable Adult.

  2. Hurrah! I was so happy to see this video on my subscription list this morning. Linney was such a good girl sitting in place hehe. I wish you would do a paper puppet making tutorial someday (like the chai syrup one?). Was hooked since the Yoda video o___o

  3. Yeah I'm really interested in how those paper puppets work! This was adorable.

  4. I love the design, but I agree with Ally about t-shirts. A sticker would be better.

  5. LOL your cats seemed totally unamused by your experiment. I love how nonchalant they are by nature, they don't really give a crap about anything. I just started watching true blood as well! Although I've only just finished the first season.
    @Ally: haha I totally know what you mean! I have soo many band shirts and I barely get to wear them anymore :(. Damn you adulthood! I would totally rock a Burrow sticker though!

  6. I'll add another vote for stickers! Also, Cat Experiments totally killed me. I've watched it too many times now. :)

  7. I'll add another vote for stickers! Also, Cat Experiments totally killed me. I've watched it too many times now. :)

  8. I want a shirt AND stickers AND a canvas bag AND anything/everything else Burrow themed. Duh.

  9. I would pay some good moneys for that shirt. AND stickers. I WOULD BUY EVERYTHING

  10. Love the shirt! The graphic itself is just perfect. Also, thanks for linking to Bran Nue Dae! It looks fantastic, and I hadn't heard anything about it here in the wilds.

  11. PUPPET COMICS! think about will blow your mind.

    plus awesome shirt. kudos Nora.

  12. I totally love the shirt. I would buy one in a snap. A snap! :)

  13. love the shirt - love you guys... video was weird.


  14. If you made t-shirts/stickers I would buy all of them. Every single one.

  15. teeeeeeeeeee-shirt!!!!
    A girly style would be awesome!

    A grocery type bag or canvas bag would be super neeto too.

    If you made stickers, I'd get one for my friend.
    <3 low

  16. I would definitely get a shirt! That sticker idea that someone else mentioned would be awesome too!