Sunday, September 5, 2010

Studio Log; Starweek One

Welcome to our new studio blog! We (Nora and Lucy) are excited to post for your pleasure all our weekly collaborations, photos of our shared studio space, favorite jams and crazy experiences. We hope you enjoy them as much as we love to chronicle, list and categorize them!

  • Studio Happenings of the Week (Because that definitely happened):
1. An Acquisition of a Murder Credenza! We picked up a credenza from the alley behind The Burrow. Look what it came with!
2. The Bird Pandemic is REAL. A quick turnaround of the day's mood. Read the comic here.

  • Studio Quotes of the Week:
Nora: "The bank lady says we need electrolytes."
Lucy: "Can we buy those at Best Buy?"

Nora: "In our house we don't have Freudian Slips, we have Gillian Anderson Slips."
Lucy: "Gillian Anderson in a slip!?"

  • Studio Jam of the Week: Fuck You by Cee Lo Green

  • Studio Window View of the Week:

  • Studio Munch of the Week: Eggs Florentine

  • Kitty Photo of the Week:

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

The Burrow, sighted downtown:
Can you see the bus coming?
Can you see if the bus is coming?


  1. Ooh! Very excited to read further updates from you ladies. Looks like you've got one very sweet setup! :)

  2. A truly warm and friendly piece of art for your blog's banner!

  3. Hey you guys? Is this the west bound bus?

    Also- The bird pandemic is so much more than real!!!

  4. This is awesome! Totally gnarly that your credenza came with a huge chef knife haha. Must have been quite the surprise. Love the pic of Linney haha.

  5. love you guys...always brings a smile to me

    loving chicago so far (im from miami)


  6. The giant eyeball has made the library stop so much more fun...